My Epic Spring Break (Up) Review

Format: PaperbackTitle : My Epic Spring BreakAuthor: Kristin Rockaway Published: April 6th 2021 Genre: Young Adult, RomanceEdition Language: English Spring break . . . heartache? For coder extraordinaire Ashley, high school is all about prepping for college. Her love life? Virtually nonexistent. She's never been on a date. Never been kissed. Never been in love. When her … Continue reading My Epic Spring Break (Up) Review

The Gilded Ones

Format: PaperbackTitle : The Gilded Ones Author: Namina Forna Published: February 9th 2021Genre: Young AdultEdition Language: English Sixteen-year-old Deka lives in fear and anticipation of the blood ceremony that will determine whether she will become a member of her village. Already different from everyone else because of her unnatural intuition, Deka prays for red blood so … Continue reading The Gilded Ones

More Than A Game (The Kings of Kroydon Hills Book 2)

Format: Kindle EditionTitle : More Than A Game (The Kings of Kroydon Hills Book 2)Author: Bella Matthews Published: March 11th 2021Genre: Romance, Sport romance, Sports , CollegeEdition Language: English Aiden Murphy has always made me nervous. He’s larger than life. Always the center of attention.I’m the opposite.I hate to have everyone’s eyes on me.He lives … Continue reading More Than A Game (The Kings of Kroydon Hills Book 2)

Untethered (St. Jude Rules, #1)

Format: Kindle EditionTitle : Untethered (St. Jude Rules, #1) Author: M. Jameson Published: April 30th 2021Genre: Romance, Dark, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Erotic RomanceEdition Language: English UNTETHERED is a forbidden taboo romance I grew up in darkness, it's etched in my soul,so I have no right to touch anything as perfect as Isabella Serrano.She hates me, I … Continue reading Untethered (St. Jude Rules, #1)

A Taste For Love

Format: Paperback EditionTitle : A Taste For LoveAuthor: Jennifer YenPublished: April 21st 2021Genre: Romance, Young Adult, ContemporaryEdition Language: English To her friends, high school senior Liza Yang is nearly perfect. Smart, kind, and pretty, she dreams big and never shies away from a challenge. But to her mom, Liza is anything but. Compared to her … Continue reading A Taste For Love

The Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 1

Format: Kindle EditionTitle : The Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 1Author: Mel TeshcoPublished: January 18th 2021Genre: Romance, Science FictionEdition Language: English EARTH, YEAR 2324Melody Simmons desperately needs to fill her bank accounts with credits that could help her family climb out of near poverty. And in the Virgin Hunt Games, that means enticing as many hunters … Continue reading The Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 1

Sweet Spades (The Club Duology Book 1)

Format: Kindle Edition, 129 pagesTitle : Sweet SpadesAuthor: T.A. TorresPublisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.Published: March 4th 2019Genre: Adult Fiction, EroticaEdition Language: EnglishSeries: The Club Duology A game she can't win against a man she can't resist...the stakes are sizzling. Kylie Turner is desperate. One brother, a car thief, has landed himself in jail. Her other … Continue reading Sweet Spades (The Club Duology Book 1)

Keeping His Siren

Format: Kindle, 356 pagesTitle : Keeping His SirenAuthor: Kiersten FayPublisher: Victory Editing NetGalley Co-opReleased: 28 Nov 2018Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance Edition Language: EnglishSeries: (Creatures of Darkness #4) Naia DeVoe never mixes business with pleasure, but when she winds up in bed with the vampire she’s been hired to spy on, that rule gets tossed out the window. … Continue reading Keeping His Siren

Book Reviewing: A Guide || What? How? and Why?

Endless Chapters

Hello there! So, here’s another special post for new readers out there, especially to my Malaysian readers who are wondering how does one review books, what to say in the review and to those who have some doubts regarding saying out their thoughts and opinions out loud, this post is for you.


What is book review? Basically, for Malaysians, it’s like the NILAM programme we had in school, where we were required to write our final thoughts on the books we read. BUT, I know most of us just wrote the synopsis from the back cover of a book, right?

So, book reviews commonly consist of:
1. The details of the book, such as who’s the author, the publisher, how many pages it has, the format, genre, etc.
2. The synopsis
3. Our thoughts and opinions on the book.

The first 2 items usually can be taken from Goodreads…

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